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How to Maintain Your Pavers

You’ve invested in your hardscaping. It looks amazing and you can’t wait to show it off to all your friends and family. But are you wondering how to keep it looking good? It doesn’t take much effort, but it does take some. Here are our top tips to keep it looking incredible year after year.

#1. Sweep It

Keeping it clean is crucial to stopping the build up of dirt and dust. Accumulation of debris is what eventually breaks down your pavers. Sweep the surface once a week to prevent this from happening.

#2. Seal It

Paver sealers are instrumental in preventing too must exposure to the elements by adding a protective barrier or cushion. These are best to use as soon as your pavers are installed, pre usage and stains.

#3. Spot Clean It

Stubborn stains on pavers can be a real pain. The key is as soon as you see any stains developing attack these spots with a deck brush and a mild detergent.

#4. Replace It

Pavers aren’t perfect and every now and again one may break or not be easily cleanable. These ones can usually be easily popped out and replaced.

#5. Rinse It

Clean your pavers with water and a gentle detergent to keep the build up away. But steer clear from heavy chemicals that can cause fading. A mild detergent, like dish soap, usually does the trick.

#6. Weed It

Weeds can be the bane of anyone’s existence and an annoying problem that pops up in between the stones. We recommend using a natural pet and family friendly solution like vinegar and water to kill them regularly.

#7. Resand It

Weather, time and activity levels can affect your grout as well and sometimes some resanding may be in order. Do this as needed to keep things fresh.

#8. Schedule It

Get on a regular maintenance schedule and add reminders to your calendar to keep things looking good, or hire help if you can’t be bothered.

We hope these tips are helpful to not only enhance the aesthetics of your pavers but also protect your hardscaping investment. Got any other questions? Check out some of our New Cumberland, PA Paver FAQ’s for more thoughts or feel free to reach out.

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