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Small Patio Ideas

A small outdoor living space may seem daunting to decorate but we have some big ideas to help. An outdoor living room or patio is the bridge between your house and your yard. It should encompass some of the aesthetics from your home and be a warm inviting space that you want to spend as much time as possible in. Here are some ideas that will help.

Make it Pop

This could be a beautiful tree, a fish pond, a fountain, or even a firepit. This should be the crown jewel in your setup with all other elements supporting and surrounding this.

Make it Convenient

Add a fridge, blankets and even a TV and you’ll be spending more time in the great outdoors than you ever could have thought. Bonus points for a place to comfortably work outdoors as well. Add an umbrella to block your computer from the sun.

Make it Flexible

Foldable furniture is a great way to maximize your patio. These elements can be used when needed and removed when not for easy storage.

Make it Comfy

Add a pergola or small pavilion to make this space more usable into evening and as well as extend multi season function.  Get some outdoor structure ideas here.

Make it Vertical

Furniture pieces that are taller rather than wider will be to your benefit. Using vertical space smartly and strategically will help you get the panache you desire without taking up too much of a horizontal footprint. This could be something like using a counter height bar setup, instead of a large sectional.

Make it Flexible

When investing in furniture elements also consider pieces that can pull double duty. IE an ottoman that has pillows or blankets can go in. A side table that has a removable top that can also be a tray. Furniture with built in storage under the seat. You get the idea. This will help keep the clutter at bay and the space looking clean.

Make it Colorful

Adding some pops of color can give you the drama you are looking for in your small patio. The best way to do this is with the accessories. Pillows, candles, blankets, decorative objects. Using color and pattern with these will add some creativity and visual interest to the space. Also consider adding a bright outdoor rug for some texture, coziness and of course pop.

Make it Private

For more privacy, which is what everyone wants in their space, considering adding some screens or some strategic greenery to block site of the neighbors, and vice versa. Screens can come in many materials like metal or rattan for a more boho look.

We wish you the best of luck building your own pocket paradise. Get some inspiration here.

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