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Top Fall Clean Up Mistakes: Part II

We hope you’ve been having luck with our last Fall Clean Up tips! Here is our next set of ideas so you know exactly what to do (and not do) to get the results you are looking for with your landscaping.

Fall Landscaping Mistake #7: Storing Tools Without Proper Maintenance

Don’t give tools the cold shoulder and give them a little TLC before you store them away for Winter. Here are a few tips that will help them work better and longer. To get started you’ll need a wire brush, steel wool or sandpaper, and a file. First, clean them with the wire brush to eliminate mud and debris. Use sandpaper or steel wool to fine tune out the rust spots. Then, finish with a file to sharpen the edges of any tools with edges; like shovels, pliers and lawn mower blades. Viola!

Fall Landscaping Mistake #8: Not Safeguarding Young Trees

If you’ve added any new or thin barked trees to your outdoor living space take extra good care of them this time of year since they are very susceptible to cold weather destruction and animal damage. The most susceptible of the bunch are ash, maple and linden. Adding a tree wrap or plastic tube can make a huge difference in keeping them safe.

Fall Landscaping Mistake #9: Tossing the Leaves

While you don’t want heaps of fallen leaves on your outdoor living space, they are helpful to pack around new plantings to add some extra winter insulation. You can make these leaves into mulch by mowing over them again and again until nothing is left but soft bits. These can then be added to lawn and garden beds to keep the soil lighter and the good bugs happy.

Fall Landscaping Mistake #10: Storing your Lawn Mower As Is

If you want your lawn mower to work well for next year, the first thing you want to do is clean up the extra fuel in your tank that can wreak havoc on your carburetor. Empty the gas tank by running the mower until it naturally stops. We also recommend draining the oil, replacing the air filter and taking off the blade for sharpening. Finally, give the undercarriage a good cleaning.

Fall Landscaping Mistake #11: Letting Weeds Go

Fall is no time to take it easy (unfortunately) when it comes to your yard. And this applies to pulling weeds as well. Whether you use weed control or a Trimmer, be proactive in keeping them under bay before Winter and you’ll be a much happier camper come Spring.

Fall Landscaping Mistake #12: Forgetting to Fertilize

Winter is stressful on your lawn. So be sure to “feed” it in the Fall to help it stay healthy year round; thus less patchy in the Spring. Your best bet is a fertilizer formulated for this time of year and applying around Halloween, depending on temperatures. This will ensure your lawn’s roots withstand the temperature fluctuations of Winter and stay strong and healthy. We hope this gives you the confidence you need to master your maintenance. Cheers to your outdoor space being the talk of the neighborhood this Fall.

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